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The most comprehensive financial close & consolidation solution

Get a unified view of financial performance

Standardize and share consolidated financial information faster for external reporting and internal performance analytics.
Integrates with the enterprise’s specialized accounting software
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What is FPT CFS?

FPT CFS is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines your financial reporting process. It automates up to 99% of preparation and consolidation tasks, integrating data from various sources to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards (including VAS and IFRS). The CFS helps management gain real-time insights, fostering better decision-making and freeing resources to concentrate on high-impact or strategic finance tasks. The solution enables Board of Directors to gain real-time insight into the financial situation, facilitates better decision-making, and liberates resources to focus on strategic or major financial tasks.

FPT CFS solution is suitable for:

Multi-entity companies with subsidiaries.

Businesses seeking to improve financial
reporting efficiency.

Finance teams looking to reduce manual

Benefits of using FPT CFS

Ensures Data Accuracy And Transparency

Assess the financial health of the business promptly.
Consolidate and synchronize data for easy monitoring and verification at each operational level.
Improve data accuracy and reliability, reducing risks associated with manual data checking.



Enhance the quality of financial reporting to meet state agencies’ requirements effectively.
Deliver precise and timely information to optimize management and support the Board of Directors in decision-making.
Guarantee financial transparency to boost reputation among shareholders and relevant agencies.

Business Resources

Automate 99% of synthesis work and export separate reports and summary reports at least 60% faster.
Allow flexible addition of reports according to business needs.
Expedite the review and comparison of internal transactions when consolidating processes.

How FPT CFS Solutions are unique?

The unique aspect of FPT’s CFS solution differs from current software, consolidation systems, and financial reporting.

Integrate diverse data sources

Multiple accounting software systems are utilized across the unit.
Various methods for computer applications including API (push/pull), Database connection, Intermediate database (DR), and Excel files.
Employ intelligent algorithms to process and secure data.

Automatic and custom fusion process

Automate and complete logical operations during the process of consolidating financial reports.
Incorporate coherent sequences and procedures that are easy to understand and navigate.
Allow for customization based on specific enterprise operations.

Reports are diverse at all levels.

Support multi-standard, multi-currency reporting.
Exploit reports at all company levels, meeting both each company’s reporting requirements and general reporting.
Easily extract data for comparison.

What it’s like

to work with FPT CFS

FPT CFS solution is trusted and chosen by many organizations because of its ability to customize to suit all specific business models, integrate data from many accounting software and simplify the process of consolidating financial statements.

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