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The most comprehensive financial close & consolidation solution

Get a unified view of financial performance

Standardize and share consolidated financial information faster for external reporting and internal performance analytics.
Integrates with the enterprise’s specialized accounting software
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What is FPT CFS?

FPT CFS (Consolidated Financial Statement) is a solution for data standardization and formation of Consolidated Financial Statements according to VAS standard, also supporting IFRS conversion, enabling businesses to minimize effort and time in constructing and publishing Financial Statement, Audit Report along with accuracy, stability, and capabilities to quickly lookup and extract data.​

It is suitable for Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accountant, consolidated accountant, auditors of businesses operating under the Parent Company – Subsidiary model such as:


Listed Companies

Auditing Service Providers

Benefits of using FPT CFS

Increased Business
Management Efficiency

Swift financial health monitoring
Consistent and synchronized data for easy reconciliation and cross-checking at all subsidiary levels.


Improved financial statement quality, boosting company reputation.
Compliance with financial reporting requirements and standards.

Business Resources

99% automation of consolidation tasks, reducing financial statement preparation time by 80%.
Flexible addition of reports based on management needs and business size.

How FPT CFS Solutions are unique?

The uniqueness of the FPT CFS (Consolidation and Financial Statement) solution that sets it apart from other financial consolidation and reporting systems

Integrate diverse data sources

Multiple SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics accounting software systems…
Many methods for calculator applications, such as: API (push/pull), Database connection, Intermediate database (DR), Excel file
Use intelligent algorithms to process data, ensuring data security.

Automatic & custom fusion process

Automate, complete and logical operations in the financial statement consolidation process
Coherent sequence and procedure, easy to understand and navigate the system.
Allows customization according to the configuration of specific operations of the Enterprise

Reporting is diverse and at all levels

Supports a variety of multi-standard, multi-currency reports
Exploits reporting at every corporate level, meeting both individual company reporting and consolidation reporting requirements
Easily extract data for control

What it’s like

to work with FPT CFS

Organizations of all sizes trust FPT CFS to model any scenario, integrate data from any source, and simplify cross-organizational plans

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